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Me and Clockday 2010

2010-08-14 05:18:04 by Koalaclock

Howdy Newground partners. Welcome. Tomorrow is Clock Day and what a fantastic Clock Day it will be.

However I must confess, that due to the old REAL LIFE shit (This year, I've travelled away from my production comp for a few days), my new short wont be ready for Clockday itself. HOWEVER, I can promise that it WILL be finished, and will be released before next Wednesday! It's a new episode of "Koala and Golden", my 2004 mini-series, and marks the return of "Gay teddy" Koala. Check out the screenshot below!

I'll be around on Clockday itself though! I've lent my voice to several of DWARFINATOR's top productions, and they be rather chucklin' inducing yes. So keep an eye out for those.

Peace out, and happy clockday to you all <3

Me and Clockday 2010


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2010-08-14 06:44:43

Can't wait to hear gay jokes all over again.


2010-08-14 07:38:25

Gay teddy Koala is the best Koala.


2010-08-14 07:39:57

I will watch out for it. KOay


2010-08-14 19:11:01

what about Hero-Clock?