Bananabeard III

2009-07-14 06:05:35 by Koalaclock

I've had to cancel the not so secret teaser trailer I had planned for this Clockday, due to a hefty amount of work in real life... In addition, I am heading out on holiday the day before Clockday, so I'm really sorry, no Clock Crew movie from me this year.

However, I would like to announce two things I was going to make clear in the trailer I had planned. Bananabeard III will be CGI, like my movie "The Mascot" over on my main account mrSimon. Well, character animation at least, definatly. I'm much more confident in Maya than I am in Flash now. I'm not so sure about background art though, that might be Photoshop rather than Maya. Yet to do experiments.

The big announcement though is that Bananabeard III will be coming on the 10th Clock Day, Clock Day 2011. If it doesn't happen by then, then thats it, period, I just wont do it.

So its Clockday 2011 or never. Follow me on Twitter for any possible news. I hope to do character and animation tests over the next few months, before diving into background artwork. I'm going to devote myself fully to this project for the next few years once I've gotten my current point and click game out the way..

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Hope to see you in 2011.

Bananabeard III


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2009-07-14 06:43:38


really nice.. gj

(Updated ) Koalaclock responds:

Its an old one, and its missing a key feature. To create sharp spikes in the eyelid, reminiscent of some of the expressions you get in actual clock crew flash movies.

I've learnt so much about rigging since that test, so once I've tried a few more tests, I'll most likely make a much more definite rig, with some extra features...

With the clocks, every ounce of emotion has to be in the eye, so this has got to be incredibly deep. Currently, I dont think I'm hitting the mark. But I've got time.


2009-07-14 08:51:15



2009-07-14 09:48:59


C'ya then.


2009-07-14 10:31:56

I was thinking about Bananbeard yesterday. Really.

THE FINALE MUST BE SEEN. Even if it takes two years to make. Or actually, especially if it takes two years to make.


2009-07-14 13:09:49


thank you!


2009-07-14 19:22:22

i remember being told i would be in this and if i am not i am going to fly to london and beat the shit out of you ok


2009-07-14 19:24:37

better make a will now buddy


2009-07-14 19:24:48

just in case


2009-07-14 19:25:39

hey, just checking up, how are things? have you started? reminder: death on the horizon.

good to hear from you. bye. yep. long distance call. haha, ok. bye.

Koalaclock responds:

You will be in this movie,